Managed, Aligned, and Coordinated Supplies

Your physical resources are “always ready” through real-time monitoring and reporting

Your Response Resources Always at the Ready

Supply Resources are the key tools that allow you and your team to respond to an emergency quickly and effectively. They are also critical to sustain and protect your employees during an event. Making sure they are organized, viable and ready are key to a successful response.

No more finding expired supplies, hunting down missing items, or being surprised by damaged goods. Gone is the need to have your team inspect and monitor existing resources when they could be spending time training and enhancing their response skills.

Managed, Aligned, and Coordinated Supplies (MACS) gives you the knowledge that your supply resources will always be at the ready.

How it Works


Complete status of your physical resources from the kit level down to the component level identifying expired, missing, misplaced against your site templates.


In depth inspection down to the kit component level during annual Major Inspections eliminating surprises when resources are pressed into action.


Sealing of kits and caches with tamper resistant serialized tags providing an instant visual of compromised resources.


Minor inspections at any frequency – semiannual, quarterly, monthly to verify resource integrity and identify missing, compromised or damaged items.


Have Nexis re-certify your supply resources after an event or exercise making sure items are back to their right spot and ready for action when the need arrives.


With a managed resource program along with TRIM, you always have a real-time view of your readiness, overall program compliance, physical resources, and training status
Start today knowing you are at the ready.

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